STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

We are excited to announce Fall registration for Hill House opens on May 30 for members and June 1 for non-members- check out all of our offerings on our program guide.

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Science Experiment Explorers (3-5 years)

Your curious scientist will exposed to all sorts of experiments in this class! Learn how clouds are formed and watch a rainstorm in a bottle! Get the chance to see what happens when vinegar and baking soda combine and discuss density as we see which objects sink or float and delight as colors dance as they pass through a prism. Look forward to getting your hands messy as we explore all that science has to offer! Please note: this is a drop-off class. All participants must be potty-trained.
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Register now: Mondays at 3:15 

Storybook STEM (3-5 years)
Begin your child’s exploration into STEM through a fun, story based exploration of engineering and much more. Solve problems and test out “what ifs” from your favorite childhood stories. With different stories and age appropriate tasks each week your little one will be amazed what they can achieve. 
Register now: Tuesdays at 3:30

STEM Scientist (6-9 years)
Explore, in a scientific manner, issues from around the world and work on solutions through fun and thought provoking experiments.  Using a mixture of STEM practices, children will work together to build skills, think broadly and enjoy solving problems. The real world aspects will open children’s horizons to global thinking. 
Register now: Tuesday | 4:45




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