Fall STEM Classes 

3-D Printing Design (7-12)

Design intricate 3D-printable objects using BlocksCAD, a free online program developed here at Einstein's Workshop! Our easy-to-learn software makes coding and 3D design as simple as dragging and dropping blocks of editable code. Each block modifies 3D shapes to create models unique to your style. Develop an intuitive understanding of coordinate geometry while turning your imagination into reality. At the end of the course, you can pick one of your creations to be printed on Einstein’s Workshop’s 3D printers and taken home! .

Register: Thursday 6:20


Being Newton- Fun with Physics (7-10 years)

Students enjoy entertaining and educational science experiments to gain an understanding of Physics including Newton's First, Second, and Third Laws of Motion, Newton's Law of Gravity, and more. They'll build boats and rockets, make and play with marble runs and catapults, and tackle many other fun physics projects.

Register: Mondays 6:05


Buildwave (5-12 years)

Want to foster your child's interest in STEM, while igniting their creative spark at the same time? Buildwave is a creative building program that feels like a video game! Over the course of the workshop students create with over a dozen different building materials, including Lego®, PlusPlus®, and custom-made Buildwave materials. Buildwave workshops are structured like a video game, with an audiovisual setup featuring animations and music that guide students through the different building waves. As your child creates with wave after wave of new objects, they build creative confidence, become better collaborators, and encounter design and engineering fundamentals in a unique and memorable context.

Register: Wednesdays 4:15  Wednesday 5:15


Intro to Electronics: Fun with Circuits (5-7)

In this hands-on class, students learn the basics of electronics and the principles of circuitry. Students bring their learning to life by making motors spin, lights shine, and speakers blare! By the end of class, students will get to take home their very own circuitry kit to continue exploring at home!

Register: Monday 3:45


Intro to Programming with Scratch 7-11)

Learn basic concepts of programming using the incredibly popular programming environment, Scratch, developed by MIT. Scratch is a "block based" programming language where students learn to program by snapping together digital blocks of code. Animate stories and create simple game mechanics. No previous programming experience required!

Register: Thursday 5:10


LEGO Junior Engineers (5-7)

New to LEGO robotics? Then this is the class for you! Students investigate motorized LEGO models and learn about gears, belts, and motors. After building each model, students solve challenges that exercise their creativity and problem solving skills in addition to improving their understanding of how machines work!

Register: Monday 4:55


Minecraft Architecture (6-9 years)

Minecraft is more than just a game, it is a creative tool that allows players to create and experience feats of engineering, amazing structures, and epic works of art. Tour the Parthenon! Be awed by Notre Dame's beauty! Will you be fooled by the false tomb or find the real one in the Taj Mahal? With an inspired mind, design and build a Wonder of the World. Working together, students learn the meaning of good digital citizenship.  

Register: Thursday 4:00


Science Experiment Explorers (3-5 years) 

Start your curious scientist with this exploration into STEM experiments. Students will get to learn how clouds are formed and watch a rainstorm in a bottle! Get the chance to see what happens when vinegar and baking soda combine and discuss density as we see which objects sink or float and delight as colors dance as they pass through a prism. Look forward to getting your hands messy as we explore STEM!

Register: Tuesday 4:30 Friday 4:00


Storybook STEM (3-5 years)

Begin your child's exploration into STEM through a fun, story based exploration of engineering and much more. Solve problems and test out "what ifs" from your favorite childhood stories. With different stories and age appropriate tasks each week your little one will be amazed what they can achieve!

Register: Wednesdays 4:00



Contact our Program Manager, Jamie Kelly, by calling 617-227-5838 ex. 110 or reaching out to jkelly@hillhouseboston.org