***All details regarding program structure are dependent upon the progress of phases for COVID-19 re-opening in Boston and MA. Live programming will involve all latest health and distancing guidelines, with the potential of transitioning to virtual sessions. All measures will be implemented based on the most up-to-date guidelines provided from state and local officials.***



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Pod Availability: If you have a group and would like to form your own class, we can create a class for you based on your interests and our general availability. Please contact Chelsea for enrichment programs at cevered@hillhouseboston.org or Marshall for athletics at mcaldera@hillhouseboston.org.


Outdoor Science (3-5 years)    IN PERSON

This program is for families who would like to participate in outdoor programming on sunny days even when it is a bit colder with a focus in science. Students will explore science on the Boston Garden from weather to creatures. We recommend bundling up for this exciting new offering.

Please note: this is a drop-off class. All participants must be potty-trained.

This is a 4 week program taught by Adriana Donohue in the Boston Garden.

Register now:         Mondays at 2:00



Science Experiment Explorers (3-5 years)    IN PERSON
Your curious scientist will exposed to all sorts of experiments in this class! Learn how clouds are formed and watch a rainstorm in a bottle.  They will observe what happens when vinegar and baking soda combine, discuss density as we see which objects sink or float. Look forward to getting your hands messy as we explore all that science has to offer! Please note: this is a drop-off class. All participants must be potty-trained.

This program taught by Adriana Donohue.

Register now:         Mondays at 4:15  (full)

*If you have three students or more, we can add a semi-private pod of this offering. Please email Chelsea at cevered@hillhouseboston.org for more details.



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