Hill House offers many exciting choices for young players ready to fall in love with sports and become future athletes. All these programs focus on being fun and engaging above all else. We want all our players to start off with a great first experience that will carry them through a lifelong passion for athletics. 


Registration for fall programs opens on 5/24 for members and 5/26 for non members 


Come join us for these fun programs this Fall:


Revs Rookie Soccer League (4 years)
Tuesdays | 4:15-5:00

For players new or graduating from Half Kick Soccer! Come join our 4 year-old Revs Rookie League where we begin teaching the basics of foot skills and game tactics with our awesome Hill House coaches. Clinic-based sessions will work towards introducing game play and breaking into more formal games near the end of the season. The Rookie League aims to prepare players to join our 6U co-ed teams in future seasons in a safe and encouraging setting.

Register here for the RRL



Superhero Multi-Sports (3-5 years)

Become a superhero with Hill House! Each week players take on different sports and learn new superpowers. Whether they’re learning super kicks to stop soccer villains, or blasting baseballs into outer space, players will be honing their powers and experiencing all our favorite sports here at Hill House. Give your future superhero a chance to find their favorite sport and keep that passion going with us for years to come.

Register: Tuesdays 1:30 Thursdays 1:30



Ninja Warrior Training (3-5 years)

This fun active 'training' will work on skills such as balance, power, speed and agility; turning all participants into future Hill House 'Ninja Warriors!' There will be new obstacle courses or creative physical challenges each week to test our participants and help strengthen their ninja skills!

Register: Fridays 1:30 Fridays 2:15 Fridays 3:00



Half Kick Soccer (3-5 years)

Through energetic games and age-appropriate activities, participants will learn basic dribbling, passing and shooting skills in addition to the most basic rules of soccer. The primary goal of Half Kick is to encourage further participation by making soccer fun and engaging.

Register: Mondays at 1:30 Wednesdays at 1:30 Fridays at 12:30 Fridays at 1:30 Saturdays at 10:30   Saturdays at 11:15 Saturdays at 12:00 



Bitty Basketball (3-5 years)

Learn the fundamentals of basketball with our patient, creative instructors. Participants will learn skills and techniques through simple, fun games and activities. Kids will learn proper dribbling and shooting methods. Not only do they have more fun than those who don't play, but Bitty Basketballers are also better prepared for our 6U Basketball League when they're the right age.

Register: Mondays 4:00 Wednesdays 3:30 Fridays 4:00



Born to Play Baseball (3-5 years)

Introduce your child to America's favorite pastime through this beloved Hill House class. Your future big leaguer will learn the fundamentals of baseball through fun games and activities. Our knowledgeable, supportive coaches will lead weekly sessions that cover the basics of hitting, throwing, fielding, and base running. Whether or not they have familiarity with baseball, this class promises to keep them active and smiling! 

Register: Mondays 3:00 Wednesdays  3:00



Little Lacrosse (3-5 years)

Through energetic games and age-appropriate activities, participants will learn the basic fundamentals of Lacrosse. The primary goal of Little Lacrosse is to encourage further participation in Lacrosse by introducing the game in the most fun and engaging way possible. 




Intro to Flag Football  (4-6 years)

Flag Football is a great way for your child to end the week with some fun drills and scrimmages playing with their friends. After some initial skills clinics that will cover the basic skills and processes of football, players will then get split up each week into different teams and play fun instructor led games. The program promises fun and instills good sportsmanship and teamwork.  

Register: Fridays 4:00





 Interested in all of our athletics offerings?

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