Hill House offers a variety of art classes every season as well as one-time art workshops on weekends. Ranging from painting and drawing to 3D art, we offer classes ranging from one year olds to 13 year olds. All materials are provided in class.


Fall registration is open 5/25 for members and 5/27 for non-members!


Animal Education Art (3-5 years)

In this art class, students will focus on a different animal each week, learning about what makes them special like where they are from and what they eat. After learning about the animal, students will create an art project inspired by the animal, merging zoology with creating!

Register: Thursday at 11:15


Fairytale Art (3-5 years)

In this class, students will immerse themselves into a different Fairy Tale creation each week. Participants will make magical pieces of art such as princes, princesses and other mythical creature designs, allowing for imagination and creativity. We'll read a diverse range of fairy tales, while learning about colors, combinations and textures.

Register: Mondays at 11:15


Jewelry Making (6-9 years)

We will create beautiful pieces of jewelry using various methods and materials including metal, wire, paper, clay, recycled objects and much more. By learning how jewelry is made we will use our imagination and creativity to make unique pieces for ourselves and others.

Register: Thursdays at 5:00


 Messy Paint in the Park (3-5 years)

Let your child explore and get messy without the hassle of cleaning up! Students will explore various ways of painting through splatter paint, tempra (non-toxic paint) and other creative mediums. Ponchos, smocks, and wipes will be provided. Get ready to get messy and creative!

Register: Thursdays at 2:15


Mundo de Colores Pod (1-3 years)

This class is for families who want to participate in the semi-private pod offerings but do not have a group of families to create their own pod with. This class will be closed to the public one week after it begins so that the group is the same students for the season.

Art projects and crafts will help your little one learn simple Spanish phrases and colors. Mundo de Colores promotes development of hand-eye coordination, visual and fine motor skills through sequencing and arranging.  This class will also broaden awareness of colors, shapes, shades and textures.

Register: Fridays at 9:15


Musical Muse (3-5 years)

Explore and learn art skills through song. This class will explore a wide range of art techniques through music. Students will use music as a tool of inspiration to paint, draw and create. Students will get to bring home their finished art work and learn how to create art using music!

Register: Tuesdays at 12:30 


Ocean Explorers (3-5 years) 

Dive into this new art class with us as we learn all about the ocean and the creatures that call it home. Students can make a splash in our water tank and will create a new art project related to the lesson each week, learning with a greater understanding of the seven seas.  

Register: Fridays at 10:15


Play, Paint & Investigate (3-5 years) 

The next step to fulfill the investigative and natural schema of childhood. Join us for a hands-on, messy class letting your child create and play through different provocations and social-emotional skill activities. Through interesting inquiry and pretend play, we will use various textures,  materials and mediums. We will smash and mix, discovering our senses using mortar, pestles, clay, light, shadow and paint among other sensory fulfilling activities. 

Register: Tuesdays at 4:00 


Stuffed Animal Art (5-8 years)

This class is for students looking to learn how to create with a needle and thread as well as some basics of knitting with the ultimate goal of creating stuffed animals while gaining skills useful for other crafts too. 

Register: Thursdays at 4:00


Weaving Art Magic (7-12 years)

Come down to the Firehouse on Thursdays for Art Weaving Magic with Miss Aurore! Each week students will work on fun projects involving weaving baskets and other fun materials you'll be able to take home right afterwards. A great way to decorate any child's room with some fun projects throughout the fall!

Register: Tuesdays at 3:00





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