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Beginner Karate (5-7 years) 

Beginner Karate focuses on rule-play and trusting that three basic rules will ensure a safe martial arts experience! Children will learn the most basic dojo (training hall) etiquette: how to bow and how to listen with their eyes. Attentive practice will keep students aware of their surroundings and fellow students as they begin to learn the basics of sparring in relation to defending themselves. Raising their hand to speak, or demonstrating the Statue of Liberty, gives them a lot of power and a voice in the class.  

Register: Tuesdays at 4:30 Thursdays at 4:00 Thursdays at 5:00


Intermediate Karate (7-12 years)

At this level, with some practice under their belt, students know that the rules are in place to protect them. Respect has taught them caution. Participants understand eye-contact as a method of communication. At this level, students will continue to practice sparring and the benefits of self-defense as they begin to earn stripes and different color belts and practice goal-setting and obtainment. 

Register: Tuesdays at 5:30





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