***All details regarding program structure are dependent upon the progress of phases for COVID-19 re-opening in Boston and MA. Live programming will involve all latest health and distancing guidelines, with the potential of transitioning to virtual sessions. All measures will be implemented based on the most up-to-date guidelines provided from state and local officials.***


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Little Groove Music (3 months-4 years)   IN PERSON

 These music classes are designed to help infants, toddlers and preschoolers learn and interact through sound, sight and touch in a live music setting. Children enjoy using their bodies and voices to sing along to catchy songs that help them build important motor and social skills. They will also have fun using real instruments such as drums, shakers and tambourines. Children also interact with puppets, bubbles, balls, pom poms, building blocks and one large parachute!

This program will be on the Boston Common and run for 40 minutes. It is taught by Dylan on Tuesdays and Tommy Dempsey on Fridays. 

Tuesday at 9:15         Tuesday 10:00 (full)       Tuesday 10:45 (full)      Tuesday 11:30 (full)

 Friday at 9:15            Friday 10:00 (full)         Friday 10:45 (full)         Friday 11:30 (full)





Private Music Lessons (6 years-12 years)  IN PERSON AND ONLINE AVAILABLE
Our private music lessons provide your child with one-on-one music instruction. Gifted piano, guitar and percussion teachers work to cultivate skills and foster your child's love of music by incorporating requests and popular music along with the classics during lesson times.**
Piano & violin instructed by Melanie Maz.

View violin resources and piano resources.

**Private music lessons are conducted in the music room in the basement and are one-on-one (instructor with child), as is the industry standard with most private music lessons. Parents and caregivers are welcome to stay with the child in the room with the instructor during the lesson, but that is at the discretion of the parent.

Spaces are available | Call (617) 227-5838 ext. 140 to inquire about availability

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