Cooking classes at Hill House strive to introduce children to cooking and baking as well as general kitchen safety. Some of our classes focus on additional skills such as the artistry of cooking or incorporating a second language into the class to enhance learning.

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Art of Cooking (3-5 years) 

Whether your child is interested in becoming a head chef or simply creating a delicious snack, Art of Cooking is a wonderful opportunity to give your child a taste of creating in the kitchen! Connect your culinary explorer to old favorites and a few new things, too! In addition to yummy treats, children will also create their own cookbooks to take home at the end of the semester. Please note: this is a drop-off class. Participants must be potty-trained.
This program taught by Adriana Donohue

Register now:     Wednesdays at 3:30  (full)          Wednesdays at 4:30  (full)

                            Thursdays at 1:00 

Cocinar con Amigos (4-6 years)

Join us in the kitchen for a sizzling class all about the colorful culture and delicious foods of Latin America! While strengthening their Spanish vocabulary, students will learn safe kitchen practices as they create classic dishes that range from familiar to exotic. Please note: this is a drop-off class. All participants must be potty-trained.
This program taught by Adriana Donohue.

Register now: Thursdays at 4:00 Thursdays at 5:00



Great Hill House Bake Off (7-12 years)

This class is geared towards older kids who wish to take baking to the next level. In fun competitive teams, students will compete in this drop-off class to create wonderful bakes and learn how they can improve their skills and techniques just like they're in a cooking T.V. show!

Register now: Wednesdays at 4:00 (full) Wednesdays at 5:00



Little Chefs (3-5 years)

Join us in the kitchen in this introductory class as we create delicious mini meals, desserts and healthy snacks. The goal of this class is to let kids get hands on time in the kitchen while becoming more aware of kitchen safety, food groups and what they can create!

Register now: Tuesdays at 3:15 (full) Tuesdays at 4:15


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