Hill House's 2022-2023 Annual Appeal 

Hill House has meant many things to families in the more than 55 years we’ve served our community—but one common theme continually emerges...friendship

It’s always been more than the high-quality enrichment programs, the skill-building & teamwork that comes from our athletics, or the fun enjoyed during the warm & sunny days spent at summer camp. It's the connections. We can talk at length about the amazing metrics of how many neighborhood members we serve. You can browse for hours on our website to see the vast breadth & depth of the programs we offer. Or, ask many of our local seniors and other community members how they have benefited from the outreach and volunteering we do to make our downtown a vibrant place to live. Are those the metrics that make Hill House unique and special?

Yes and no. It’s important we quantify how we are succeeding in fulfilling our mission of being your backyard in the city, but just as important is how we help weave the fabric that binds our community together--creating memories, stories, and laughter. You see, it’s not only just about the friendships our kids make through Hill House, but also the adults. More than ever, people are looking to connect.

We’ve shared quotes from our kids—those are some of the most important relationships they’ll remember and cherish. But stop by the firehouse and our staff can tell you about the family who specifically chose Beacon Hill decades ago because Hill House was here, and now their kids’ kids participate in our programs. Or, about the young family who moved here from NYC didn’t know anyone. The mother joined one of our infant music classes and both she and her kids made lifelong friends: she eventually became a President of our board. Or, about the parent friendships that also have developed spending countless hours on the fields watching their kids play—the adults look forward to seeing their friends there just as much as their kids. We bet you have some similar stories too. . .

Your annual gift provides the critical support our nonprofit community center needs to help nurture and nourish those friendships – for both young and old – as that is what makes Hill House so meaningful and important. We hope that you will continue to support us at the same level as last year.

Make a gift today: https://bit.ly/3Nd0sXa


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