***Fencing will not be offered this winter but we are hoping to get this up and running again this spring with Mr. Chang.***



Beginner Fencing (5-12 years)

Participants will be introduced to the rules of the sport, the parts of the foil, how to hold the foil and the on-guard stance. Instructors will demonstrate basic footwork, the target area for foil, basic attacks and preparations for attacks and defenses. Our weekly meetings will include practicing each of these introductory techniques. The beginner course touches upon common technical fencing terms such as piste, parry, riposte, etc. Safety in fencing is emphasized throughout the course. After taking a year of fencing at the beginner level, students will be considered for the intermediate level.

This program is taught by Fritz Chang.



Intermediate Fencing (7-12 years)

This program builds upon all beginner instruction, and are most valuable when taken after the completion of one year of Beginner Fencing. Safety and sportsmanship, as always, are emphasized throughout the program. Compound attacks and technical terms associated with more advanced fencing moves will be introduced as students develop technique and understanding of the sport. If time allows, members of the class will participate in bouting: practicing with electrical fencing equipment. This practice will allow fellow students to learn score-keeping and refereeing. If students consistently continue with this program, they will have the chance to compete in a fencing tournament that follows the US Fencing guidelines.

This program is taught by Fritz Chang.




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