Hill House's 2023-2024 Annual Appeal 

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The term, “teamwork,” gets used a lot.  We see it at work, in school, in everyday language, and in actual sports teams.  But what does it really mean?  We believe that it is another word for community – people who work together toward a common goal. Our teamwork at Hill House is all about helping the youth of our community grow into competent and compassionate adults by assisting them to build lifelong skills; learn to work with people from diverse sets of backgrounds; and, of course, make friends. 

This holiday season, we hope we’ll all work together to support Hill House as forming community bonds and teamwork is at the heart of everything we do.  Our “team” provides the thought leadership, funding, and network to support the more than 500 enrichment and athletics programs, 11 weeks of camp, and dozens of community events that serve more than 5000 participants each year.  As we have grown, our need for all of us to pitch in has also grown.  Our program fees only cover 80% of our operating budget.  We rely on the generosity of our community and donors like you (our team) to fund the remaining 20%.

We hope to raise $80,000 this holiday season. Our full Annual Appeal goal through June 30, 2024 is $145,000.  The $80,000 we raise in the next six weeks will help fund new technology for our science programs, purchase a new golf cart for our athletics fields, restart our new-parent programming, and invest in our staff and facilities.

Won’t you be a part of the team that ensures Hill House continues as an essential resource for our community and our kids by donating to our Annual Appeal this holiday season?  Your gift will be a critical piece of another winning year!

Make a gift today: https://bit.ly/3Nd0sXa