Weather Cancellation Policy & Information on TERSF Playing Fields

We notify families registered for impacted activities via text and/or email.

  • Log in here to update your email address and cell phone number to ensure you receive cancellation information.
  • Hill House will only text you critical updates about the status of your programs.
7 days a week, you can expect cancellation notices at or before:
  • 8:00 am for programs before noon.
  • 12:00 pm for programs before 4:00 pm.
  • 3:00 pm for programs after 4:00 pm.

You can also check the status of your programs by:

  • Calling our weather hotline (617) 227 5838 ext. 2.
  • Checking our Facebook page or Twitter feed.
  • Clicking the green bar on this page labeled "Click here to view today's updates & alerts".

Hill House staff will sound an emergency horn if dangerous weather appears and outdoor programs are underway. Programs will cease and the fields must be cleared immediately.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about field closures and the Teddy Ebersol's Red Sox Fields (TERSF)

Q: How do you decide to cancel programs? Who makes the call?
A: Our cancellations primarily fall into three categories: 

  • Either there is a high likelihood that there will be extreme cold, very wet or dangerous-to-travel conditions during your program - often including thunder and lightning, high winds and sometimes large quantities of snow and ice (isn't Boston weather grand?). Hill House administrators are constantly checking weather-reporting outlets for up-to-the-minute information as we make these decisions.


  • An official from the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has walked the fields at TERSF and has determined that our use of them would be dangerous for players, in terms of potential injury, or would cause significant damage to the fields and has notified us that the fields are closed.


  • An instructor of a non-athletic league program has called in sick for the day.

Q: Why does it feel like programs at TERSF get canceled more frequently than any other programs on Earth?
TERSF is state property and is a part of park conservation. The decision to close the playing fields is made by the Department of Conservation and Recreation and, unfortunately, is out of our control. Although Hill House partners with the Red Sox Foundation and the Esplanade Association in raising the funds to establish TERSF and contributes to its ongoing maintenance, it is ultimately in the hands of the state to determine if our programs can run as scheduled on the fields.

For more information on this topic or to give feedback about TERSF maintenance or field closures, please contact the DCR via its web site or by calling (617) 626-1250.

Q: What happens now that my program has been cancelled?
That depends. What type of program were you participating in when it got cancelled?

  • Enrichment classes: If your class was cancelled, stay tuned! We will be emailing you within 24 hours to let you know about your rescheduled class. Most often, it will take place during week 11 or 12 of our semester. Even some sports classes, like Half Kick Soccer, Bitty Basketball and Born to Play Baseball are considered enrichment classes.
  • In-House Leagues: We typically do not schedule make-ups for canceled in-house practices or games (soccer, basketball or baseball), although we do try to replace late-season practices with games when possible.
  • Hill House United: Our Athletics Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator will assist in rescheduling all games through BAYS. They will connect each team's Parent Coordinators to help determine potential make-up game details - the Parent Coordinators will then disburse the time, date and location information to their team.

Lastly, we want you to know that we do our very best to run programs as scheduled and to communicate closures quickly and efficiently. If you have suggestions on how we can communicate more effectively about this topic, please drop us a line at

Updated August 29, 2014.