Winter Registration opens October 4th for members and October 6th for non-members


Jumping Jacks Gym (1-3 years)

Toddlers will be introduced to a play environment that encourages sharing, basic socialization, discovery, balancing, coordination, tumbling and hanging. Engaging gym and play equipment will aid toddlers in developing gross motor skills and an improved spatial awareness of their bodies as well as a love of physical activity and recreational play. Teacher led songs, games and parachute play will introduce structure, provide routine and promote focus.


Register: Mondays 10:15 Mondays 11:15

 Tuesday 9:15 Tuesday 10:15 Tuesday 11:15

 Wednesdays 9:15   Wednesdays 10:15   Wednesdays 11:15

 Thursdays 10:15 Thursdays 11:15




Vamos a Saltar (1-3 years)

Nurture your child's love of movement with his or her amazing capacity to learn new languages in Jumping Jacks Gym en Espanol. Learn the words for motions and body parts while singing songs and playing games in our amazing play space, all in Spanish. 

Register: Thursdays 9:15



Contact our Program Manager, Jamie Kelly or by calling 617-227-5838 ex. 110



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