***Following the recommendations and guidelines announced by state and local officials, Hill House has transitioned all live or in-person programming for the spring 2020 season online. We are offering virtual classes for both athletic and enrichment programs. For more information, please contact our administrative team.***


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Cocinar con Amigos (4-6 years)

Join us in the kitchen for a sizzling class all about the colorful culture and delicious foods of Latin America! While strengthening their Spanish vocabulary, students will learn safe kitchen practices as they create classic dishes that range from familiar to exotic. Please note: this is a drop-off class. All participants must be potty-trained.
This program taught by Adriana Donohue.

Register now: Thursdays at 3:00 Thursdays at 4:00


Mundo de Colores (12 months-3 years)

Art projects and crafts will help your little one learn simple Spanish phrases and colors. Mundo de Colores promotes development of hand-eye coordination, visual and fine motor skills through sequencing and arranging.  This class will also broaden awareness of colors, shapes, shades and textures.
This program taught by Adriana Donohue.

Register now: Fridays at 9:15


Spanish in Motion (6 months- 4 years) 

This is a fun and interactive class where parents, caregivers and educators sit with their children to explore the Spanish-language, music, and Latin-American culture. This class is perfect for parents with multiple children of varying ages. Children are exposed to Spanish through songs that create an environment that allows for a long periods of listening and exposure, coupled with call-and-response interactivity requiring physical movement. Parents receive a copy of our own music heard in class to enjoy in the car and at home.

Games, songs, books, sign language, puppets, parachutes and toys of class cultivate curiosity and will stimulate children in rewarding ways. This language adventure can take them for a ride on a train (parachute) through the countries of the Americas, or simply popping burbujas (bubbles) in the bath top with patos (ducks) and ranas (frogs). If your child likes jumping, dancing, and singing this is the perfect class!

Register now: Wednesdays at 9:15  Wednesdays at 10:15


Vamos a Saltar! (1 year-4 years)

Nurture your child's love of movement with his or her amazing capacity to learn new languages in Jumping Jacks Gym en Español. Learn the words for motions and body parts while singing songs and playing games in our amazing play space, all in Spanish.

This program taught by Adriana Donohue.

Register now: Monday at 9:30  Monday at 10:30



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