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Get into Gymnastics (3-5 years)
Aged out of Jumping Jacks but loved the rolls, balance beams and bars? Take the next step and join us in the firehouse for the basics of gymnastics in the fun introductory class. By the end of the program your little one will be able demonstrate a variety of gymnastic skills and have fun doing it!
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Gymnastics (6-7 years)
For those who are a bit older and looking to take a more advanced gymnastics class, join us in this brand new class geared towards older gymnasts! By the end of the program your child will be able demonstrate a variety of gymnastic skills and have fun doing it!
Register now:     Friday at 4:15   

Jumping Jacks Gym (1-3 years)
Toddlers run, jump, crawl, roll and wiggle through activities encouraging sharing, basic socialization,  balance and coordination. Engaging equipment, such as a balance beam, bar, and parachute will aid toddlers in developing gross motor skills, improving spatial awareness and establishing a love of physical activity and recreational play. Teacher-led songs and games will introduce structure, provide routine and promote focus. Caregivers help support and sport children to promote safe play.
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Thursdays at 9:15   Thursdays at 10:15 Thursdays at 11:15

 Move Baby Move- Infants (6 weeks- 5 months)
The emphasis on this class is welcoming the baby's body to the physical world while strengthening the growing spine, exploring the Vestibular system (the sense of balance), and finding center. The class includes tummy time, massage, visual and auditory stimulation that will support all the development patterns, including crawling, standing and speech. Encouraging heart-to-heart connection is emphasized through the entire class. This class is taught by Ansley Delaney.
Register now: Thursdays at 10:15

Move Baby Move- Crawlers (6 months- 1 year)
This class builds upon the previous level. We will continue to work on the Vestibular system (the sense of balance) and start incorporating more props, as well as rhythm, breath and social interaction. Yoga poses that encourage development are introduced, such as backbends, forward bends, side bends and twists.This class is taught by Ansley Delaney.

Register now: Thursdays at 11:15

Move Baby Move- Walkers (12 months- 18 months)

In this level we increase body and spatial awareness while working on socialization and gaining independence from caregivers. Activities encourage cognitive thinking, sequencing, expectations and timing. Language is strongly encouraged through activities that emphasize vocal sounds, songs and rhythmic games. Developmental patterns are fostered through more physical work–playing with balance, falling and standing.
This class is taught by Ansley Delaney.
Register now: Thursdays at 9:15

Tumble Time (2-4 years)
If you loved Jumping Jacks Gym but are ready for more, have we got a class for you! Tumble Time is structured for older toddlers and preschoolers to develop basic tumbling, motor and socialization skills along with positive personality traits including confidence and self-esteem. Tumble Time activities incorporate coordination, strength, flexibility and balance. Parent/caregivers interact with their child and assist in this class.
Register now: Fridays at 9:30 Fridays at 10:30

Find Vamos a Saltar, our Spanish vocab-building tumbling class, under Foreign Language.


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