Winter Online Offerings


Some of our classes will be running online this winter!

To register for classes, please browse options below:


Art of Cooking ONLINE (3-6 years)

Whether your child is interested in becoming a head chef or simply creating a delicious snack, the Art of Cooking is a wonderful opportunity to connect your culinary explorer to old favorites and a few new things, too! This class will develop your child's listening skills, ability to follow directions and work together with others in a fun and creative atmosphere.

Register now:   Wednesdays at 4:00



Beginner Karate Online (5-7 years)
Beginner Karate focuses on rule-play and trusting that three basic rules will ensure a safe martial arts experience! Children will learn the most basic dojo (training hall) etiquette: how to bow and how to listen with their eyes. Attentive practice will keep students aware of their surroundings and fellow students as they begin to learn the basics of sparring in relation to defending themselves. Raising their hand to speak, or demonstrating the Statue of Liberty, gives them a lot of power and a voice in the class. 

This program taught by Duane Lucia.

Register now:  Thursdays at 4:30  



Great Hill House Bake Off ONLINE (7-12 years) 

This class is geared towards older kids who wish to take baking to the next level. In fun competitive teams, students will compete in this drop-off class to create wonderful bakes and learn how they can improve their skills and techniques just like they're in a cooking T.V. show!

Register now:   Wednesdays at 5:15


Intermediate Chess (6-9 years) ONLINE

This class is geared towards students who already know chess basics. This class will concentrate on specific offensive and defensive strategies with less review of fundamentals. Students will be able to play each other as well as their instructor to practice their skills and learn. This will be online via Zoom and simultaneously. 

This program taught by Johnny Sadoff.

Register now:  Mondays at 4:00



Little Groove Music (3 months-4 years)   ONLINE

 These music classes are designed to help infants, toddlers and preschoolers learn and interact through sound, sight and touch in a live music setting. Children enjoy using their bodies and voices to sing along to catchy songs that help them build important motor and social skills. They will also have fun using real instruments such as drums, shakers and tambourines. Children also interact with puppets, bubbles, balls, pom poms, building blocks and one large parachute!

This program taught by Dylan on Tuesdays and Tommy Dempsey on Fridays. 

Tuesday at 9:15                Tuesday at 10:15       

 Friday at 10:30              Friday at 11:30





Please note:

We accept registrations on a rolling basis and class amounts in that case are automatically pro-rated when you register. Please email Chelsea at if you need a class meeting link.




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