School Vacation Programs
Indoor programming at Hill House starts today, March 13! It's not too late to register - check out all of our offerings on our program guide.


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Print-Making Workshop (5-7 years)
This workshop is designed to help your child make an impression on the art world! Working in different stations, kids will elarn about using various materials you might find at home to make their own prints. Various projects include making monoprints, designing patterns that can transfer onto paper with block printing and making patterns with different materials as we try our hands at texture painting.
This workshop led by Julie Murphy. 
Register now: April 19 at 1:00

Shoe Decoupage Workshop (6-9 years)
That pair of shoes in your child's closet could use a facelift - during your break from school, we're here to guide you through that process! We'll be using decoupage techniques to bring them to life. Clippings from popular magazines will be purposefully placed to make beautiful designs and create a personalized new piece of fashion your child can wear! Please note: most shoes are welcome for this workshop, but sneakers are not recommended.
This workshop led by Jenn Sherr.
Register now: Tuesday, March 21 at 1:00


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