While Hill House is closed we will be offering online courses with all of your favorite instructors and coaches! From fun active bootcamps for all ages to sports workouts for our older players, keep your eyes peeled to this page as we expand and develop this new method of Hill House programming.


To register for any of our online offerings, please email our Athletic Director, Marshall Caldera, at mcaldera@hillhouseboston.org

 Time Monday
 10:30 Jr Sports Bootcamp (3-6)
 2:30 Basketball Bootcamp (7-12)
 Time Tuesday
 10:30 Jr Sports Bootcamp (3-6)
 2:30 Sr Sports Bootcamp (7-12)
 3:30 Jr Sports Bootcamp (3-6)
 Time Wednesday
 10:30 Jr Sports Bootcamp (3-6)
 2:30 Sr Sports Bootcamp (7-12)
 3:15 AA/AAA Baseball Training (6-9)
 4:00 Majors Baseball Training (10-12)
 Time Thursday
 10:30  Jr Sports Bootcamp (3-6)
 11:15 Get Into Gymnastics (3-6)
 2:30 Sr Sports Bootcamp (7-12)
 3:15 Girls Softball Training (6-12)
 Time Friday
 10:30 Jr Sports Bootcamp (3-6)
 11:15 Get Into Gymnastics (3-6)
 2:30 Flag Football Training (7-12)
 4:00 Gymnastics (7-12)
 Time Sunday
 2:30 Sunday Soccer (7-12)



Junior Sports Bootcamps (3-6 years)

Join us for these active sessions to keep your pre-k'ers smiling and moving. All you need is a bit of space for your child to safely move around and once you log in our Hill House coaches will run you through a series of fun activities and games. Use this time to give your growing player a fun break in the day to exert some energy all while reconnecting with familiar families from within the community.

Senior Sports Bootcamps (7-12 years)

For our older older athletes-- these bootcamps will help you keep developing your athleticism, even from home! Find a space with enough room to participate in these fun active drills, games and contests monitored by our Hill House coaches. Before you know it, your footwork, mobility, motor skills and hand-eye coordination could all be tested and improve before we get back outdoors for spring sports!

Baseball Workouts (7-12 years)

As we wait for the return of Hill House Little League, this fun workout will continue to build those important baseball muscles and movements so your player is in prime baseball shape when we get back on the diamond! You'll be amazed at what drills using household items or in small spaces at home can be accomplished. Log in with Coach Ryan as he helps your player work up a sweat and re-connect with our other Little League families in the process. Minimal baseball equipment needed! 

Flag Football Workouts (7-12 years)

Reaction time, solid footwork and physical fundamentals are vital in a fast sport like flag football. In these fun, active sessions, Coach Joshua will help continue your player's development and hone their physical skill-set with these spring workouts, all while you're at home! Find a room with a safe amount of space and your players close-quarters agility, quick twitch reactions, and football instincts will all be tested and developed. Show off your skills once we get back on the field this spring, or the turf next fall! 


 Interested in all of our upcoming spring athletics offerings?

Visit our athletics page to see all of our classes, which we hope to resume soon!


Email our Athletic Director, Marshall Caldera, at mcaldera@hillhouseboston.org