We are excited to announce Fall registration for Hill House programs opens on May 30 for members and on June 1 for non-members. 

Browse our fall offerings:


Born to Play Baseball (3-5 years)
Introduce your child to America's favorite pastime through this beloved Hill House class. Kids will learn the fundamentals of baseball through fun games and activities. These littlest baseball players will learn hitting, fielding and throwing from an experienced, supportive team of coaches. 
This program is taught by Hill House Athletics Instructors.
Register now: Wednesdays at 1:30 Wednesdays at 2:15 Fridays at 1:30 Fridays at 3:30

Advanced Born to Play Baseball (5-7 years)
Once your little athlete has mastered the basics, go deeper with this sequel, which introduces the rules, positioning and situations of competitive baseball. Unlike Born to Play Baseball's repetitive nature, the advanced program targets a participant's strengths and weaknesses and promises improvement and athletic confidence. 
This program's instructor is to be announced.
Register now:  Fridays at 4:15

Fall Ball - Baseball on the Common (8-12 years)
Come enjoy a weekly session under the lights on Boston Common as we try and squeeze in as much baseball as we can before winter settles in. With the ability to move to our indoor cage at Joy St. as well, 'Fall Ball' will be run by our main Little League instructors who will cover advanced fundamental drills and station work before finishing with simulated games and situational play. Players will stay fresh while developing their skills even further due to this additional time staying outdoors on the diamond.
This program's instructor is to be announced.
Register now:  Thursdays at 5:30

Indoor Batting Practice (7-12 years)
Normally during the off-season, any of our passionate players may need to travel well outside the city to find a suitable indoor batting cage for baseball activities. This class, however, allows our athletes to stay in 'baseball shape' by taking advantage of Hill House's own exclusive cage set-up in our Joy St gym. With a tunnel net and other specialized equipment, players can keep their fundamentals sharp with our lead baseball instructors throughout the fall.
This program's instructor is to be announced.
Register now:  Mondays at 6:05